Who are We?

Herzlich willkommen!  Thanks for stopping by our little bit of the virtual world.  We hope that you enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoy contributing to it.

So who are we?  Hmm.  Well. . .

She's a teacher.
He's a researcher.
She likes strawberry ice cream.
He likes Sour Patch Kids.
She grooves to the Indigo Girls.
He jams to electronic beats.
She likes markers.
He prefers pencils to pens.
Her first CD was Salt-N-Pepa's Very Necessary
His first CD was Jock Jams (Vol. 1, 2, and 3)
She likes napping.
He likes mountain biking.
She has wicked parallel parking skills.
He has a supernatural sense of smell.
She wants a tattoo, but is too chicken to get one.
He can do a mean body roll.
We don't like to cook.
We have no car.
We love to travel.
We're best friends.

Many thanks again for visiting our blog!  Stick around.  Stay as long as you'd like.  We love hearing from our readers, so leave us a comment.  Don't be shy!


Yvonne said...

Hey Lindsay,, I'm not sure that I am writing in the correct space..Each time I come back I forget what I did before.. sign of old age.. I love your blog,, it is so professional looking,, and so refreshing.. Enjoyed the "feet" pictures of you and David,, so cute.. Love you both,,, Yvonne

Kristen said...

Hi Lindsay, love your blog! I just spent the morning reading through it, and it's been fun to see Wien through the eyes of a newcomer. I guess after nearly 4.5 years here, I can no longer call myself that. I just wanted to pop by and say hi, and thank you so much for linking sushiandstrudel.com. I have to fly back to the states this week, but maybe we could get together sometime in March for coffee?

Aditi said...

Hi Lindsay! My husband and I moved to Vienna from the US a year ago and love it here. I just came across your blog today and wish I had seen it sooner, would have been great to see how life here was going to be. Would love to meet for coffee or something, if ever you feel like making a new friend.
Take care,

bighopper said...

I have a practical question as I lived in Vienna in 1975... and wish I'd never had to leave.
I had gotten a trachten vest, "Salzburg" style, with neru colar, silver buttons and discrete embroidery on the pockets. since I go to Vienna for Wordcamp 2016 in June, I'd like to know if this is still worn, where and where - or will I look like a tourist in disguise? It was often worn in concerts, dinner or just for a stroll. Is it still OK or just ridiculous ?

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