Monday, March 7, 2011

A Little of This and a Little of That

We're sorry that it's been a while since our last post. Life here has been a little hectic for us as of late. We moved out of our temporary living arrangement last week and settled into our new home this weekend. After an epic day at IKEA and a massive day of cleaning, we are officially residents of the 4. Bezirk! We have no new pics of the place since we have very little furniture (a.k.a., an air mattress), but we've included some photos below of our lovely environs.

This is a small park at the end of our block

We're the "New Kids on the Block"

The view down our street.

A lovely cafe only 3 blocks away. Don't let the tables & chairs fool you -- It's still freezing here and no one is sitting outside enjoying their Cafe Melange just yet.

The view up the street from Cafe F. Wortner

We must cross the canal to get to the main shopping district and buy furniture!

Mariahilfer Straße ("Street") -- Vienna's shopping district. Here is where I spend most of my days looking for items to fill our home.

And a little Mozart just for kicks

And this one's for you Lyd. We found Bubble Tea just down the street from our apartment! Please enjoy!


Jennifer said...

Oh Linds..... I feel like I am there...just can't wait till you are all settled with ALL your new furniture choices. Very excited. You live in a beautiful area.
Love you....Mommma

Andy said...

I am so excited about you blog and I can't wait to see what adventures you guys get to go on! Sending our love...


Yvonne said...

Hey Lindsay.. I am so dumb.. I sent a message and when it sent I realized it was coming to me instead of you.. I WILL get the hang of this.. I love keeping up with your new digs and all that you are doing there.. You are one BRAVE lady.. I miss you... Love to David..

Lydia said...

BUBBLE TEA! While it pales in comparison to Mozart and the historic architecture, it does play games in your mouth and that's fun! I love your hood. It's beautiful.

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