Friday, July 29, 2011

Asia Day

David's institute celebrates its international makeup and honors its diverse community by hosting several cultural events throughout the year.  Each spring an international dinner is organized and everyone (including staff, researchers, and family members) bring a dish from their own country to share.  In June there is a Midsummer party hosted by the Europeans (particularly the Scandinavians) to commemorate the summer solstice.  In early July, a ginormous pancake breakfast is prepared by the Canadian members for the entire institute to celebrate the nation's birthday.  Following this, comes the American sponsored 4th of July party with hotdogs, hamburgers, water balloon fights, a pickup baseball game, and some good old Rock 'n' Roll tunes.

Last week there was a massive Asia Day party to honor all of the Asian nations represented at the institute.  This particular party is usually the biggest and most well attended of all the international events throughout the year.  The food served is delish and diverse and I found myself returning for thirds and forths as if I wouldn't be fed again for a week.  My favorite dish?  Hm, maybe the coconut dessert drink.  But the Malaysian spring rolls were a close second favorite.  David dug the kimchi, but that's not too surprising.  Spicy, fermented cabbage is his kryptonite.  Aside from the impressive amount of the tasty homemade Asian dishes, the fashion show, Chinese dancing, and karaoke really set this event over the top.  No wonder it's an institute favorite.  It's mine too.
Fashion Show

Asian Feast

Chinese dancing and Filipino singing 

The captivated audience

The event took place on the lawn behind the institute's restaurant

A little origami to boot

I'm not totally certain about the other events being held in the fall.  However I do know that there's talk of an Africa Day coming up.  Come November there's certain to be a Thanksgiving dinner and in December, either a Winter Ball or Christmas dinner (these events alternate each year).


Jennifer said...

What a wonderful way to honor the diversity and cultures that David works among. What fun that they include the people that support from the home. YOU!!!! And of course he enjoyed the Kimchi.. one of HIs staple foods from his time in Korea. :) I remember getting it for him when he returned to the states. Just wasn't the same though :)

Lydia @ See Beautiful said...

Oh, it looks like the BEST time! Delicious, in terms of food and entertainment.

Dorte said...

This looks like so much fun. Cultural diversity is the best!! Which institute is this if I may ask?

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

What a lovely way to honor the various cultures! Awesome.

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