Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lyd takes Vienna (Part 2)

More apologies for neglecting our blog readers. Lydia's visit has been so precious to us that we've not wanted to spend one mental moment away from her.  I'm sure you understand.  Alas, here's what we've been up to since Friday. . .

Saturday - The Prater Day

Sunday - A Wienerwald Day (Stadtwanderweg 6)

Monday - A Schönbrunner Day

Monday - A Schönbrunner Day

Monday - A Schönbrunner Day (lunching at the Gloriette Cafe)

Monday - A Heurige Evening

Tuesday - A Laxenburg Day

Wasn't Lyd a trooper?  We drug her all over the place, but she went along skipping and smiling.  Her enthusiasm made us even more enthusiastic and so we were just one big ball of fun - nonstop for 9 days straight!  It was fascinating for us to experience the city again through her eyes.  But more than that, just being with Lydia -- anywhere in the world -- is soul soothing, yet electrifying at the same time.  Our precious time together in the same city was truly a meaningful and memorable one.

Vielen, vielen Dank Lyd.  We love and appreciate you more than you can know. 

(ear <-----> ear)
Daveed & Fred-a-sisi


Jennifer said...

It is all so beautiful... esp your ducks!!!!!! :)
I know that the time spend together is so precious to you both. What wonderful memories to hold in your mind and your heart.
Love you and thank you for sharing your time together with us.

Lydia said...

Grüß Gott!

Beer, good. Bikes, good. Gulash, good. Schnitzel, good. Long, lazy conversation in the morning, good. Pastries, good. Hiking, good. Company, good! Everything was to love, but it was better than you could have promised.

Ich liebe dich!

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