Sunday, July 10, 2011

Schwimmen am Schwimmbad

It is HOT in Vienna!  While yesterday we found an air-conditioned cafe to crash so as to escape the heat, today we decided to hit up a public pool.  Actually, we figured that Vienna's city pools would be too crowded, so we thought we were being clever by venturing south and trying a public pool in the adorable village of Mödling.  Well, we weren't clever enough since we certainly were not the only ones with that idea.  There were a kajillion people at the pool!  No sweat though, since we quickly found a shading spot under a tree and directly behind the diving zone.  Great shade and excellent people watching were very much enjoyed.

How awesome do the public swimming pools in Austria look?  The pictures barely do them justice.  Yes, they can be really crowded, especially on weekends.  But they are also squeaky clean, well organized, and full of all the amenities one desires (so typically Austrian, right?).  Check out the beer garden in the top right of the picture or the langos David's devouring in the center.  Really?  Really?

It was a clever idea to head to the pool after all.         

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Jennifer said...

So glad you found a shady spot... it is (right now - 94) in Ktown. Daddy and I are sitting out on the back porch as Vesta is inside cool as a cucumber on her quilt. I do have all the shutters drawn to keep the heat out. BUT.... my dear...we do have AC that is why we can bear the porch.
Did David get a hair cut or is it just pulled back??? AND where is my pix of YOU!!!!!????

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