Monday, October 3, 2011

Oktober ist die beste!

October is officially my favorite month in Austria.  I realize we're only 3 days in, but hear me out.  My reasons are threefold.   

Eins (one) -- I love the fall and since the month of October is synonymous with fall, I therefore, love October.  I'm a sucker for all orange hues, the scent of chimney smoke, cozy scarves, and for any reason to curl up under a blanket and stay there. All. Day. Long.
[image source: Ryan S B]

Zwei (two) -- The start of October in Austria brings with it beer, wine, and music.  You heard me. Oktoberfest comes to Wien!  (Do check out their website.  It's adorable.)  While the festival actually begins in late September, it is certainly celebrated during -- and often associated with -- the first weekend of October.  It was a special treat for me and David to check out the fest with our visitors (my sister and mom).  Next year, we'll be sure to reserve a table in advance so that we can twirl to the Schlager and Volkstümliche Musik while drinking beer and chowing down on some Wiener Schnitzel, Spätzle, und Brezen.  I totally intend on wearing a Dirndl too.

 The official Wiener Wiesn Dirndl 2011 by Suchodolski

Drei (three) -- Austria's Lange Nacht der Museen was October 1!  Museums all over the country were open to the public from 6pm to 1am.  In Wien, one needed only to buy a 13€ ticket to enjoy over 660 museums.  This year, David and I made it to five of them before 1am rolled around.  We'll attempt the other 655 in the years to come.

The five we stopped by were Das Globenmuseum (The Globe Museum), Das Judenplatz Museum (The Jewish Museum), Das Mozarthaus Museum (Mozart's Apartment -- and we attended a short concert of Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro"), Secession Art Museum, and Das Rauchfangkehrermuseum (The Chimney Sweeper Museum).

1. Kurrentgasse at night, 2. Concert at Mozarthaus, 3. Mozarthaus, 4. Museum Judenplatz, 
5. Globenmuseum, and 6. Rauchfangkehrermuseum

Ah, October.  I welcome you with open arms.


a new girl in vienna said...

oh, i so wanted to be here for the night of the museums! i guess there is always next year....

Lydia @ See Beautiful said...

I bet the Wienerwald is second to none in terms of views right now! Andrew and I will certainly help with part of the other 655 museums AND filling your table at Octoberfest. Another round please!

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