Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Österreichischer Nationalfeiertag

Today is National Day in Austria!  The State Treaty of 1955, which ended Austria's occupation and restored the country's sovereignty, was signed in May of that year.  However, October 26 is the day that commemorates when the Soviet Union and Western troops left the country, and a constitutional law of permanent neutrality was enacted.  The Parliament building and all national museums are open and free to the public today!

Google's Doodle today (in Austria at least)

Fröhliche Nationalfeiertag!


Lydia @ See Beautiful said...

Happy National Day! Hope you'll be soaking up more of your amazing city today. Maybe free hugs too?

Jennifer said...

Happy Yesterday to you both.(and your new country ties). Nice to understand some of your holidays. Thank you for sharing.

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