Monday, February 20, 2012

Heat wave!

Well, no, we're not exactly having a heat wave.  Though we are warming to above freezing temperatures in Vienna!  The sun shined on Saturday and David and I just couldn't get enough of the thermal, golden rays.

Casted shadows and blue skies.  Take a deep breath and say it with me, people, "Ahhh..."

As we stretched our legs and inhaled the sun infused air we found ourselves heading down Kettenbrückengasse toward the Naschmarkt.  Without even comprehending what was happening, our hips shifted simultaneous and we found ourselves opening the door to Fruth, the neighborhood's heavenly French pastry and chocolate shop.  With the shop's famous chili hot chocolate mix in hand, we continued our lazy walk to Naschmarkt.

  The blood oranges being sold at every stall and this post inspired me to make these delights today:
 Blood Orange Muffins á la the boot!

How was your weekend?  I hope you had some vitamin D shining down on you as well.


Lydia Criss Mays said...

Thinking about your hips shifting involuntarily makes me giggle. It reminds me of these things,, which I fully believe represent fairly accurate images of you and David skipping down the street.

Jennifer said...

The muffins look delish. I know you are enjoying a tad of Vitamins from nature. Shadows are such fun. You used to try to catch your shadow. :)
I remember the open market. Looks like several people were out and about. Love you both!

marissa at the boot said...

oh my gosh you made the muffins!!! you are amazing! and i'm SO inspired by the quote you left me today, it is absolutely fabulous. thank you so much!
xo, marissa

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