Monday, February 27, 2012

Mono & Sky Blue

How was everyone's weekend? Besides discovering a new cafe in the 18th district and enjoying a lovely brunch with new friends, we took the last couple of days very easy. I think I'm at the peak of my mononucleosis (or as they call it in German, Pfeiffersches Drüsenfieber), so I've had very little energy lately to do much more than roll myself out of bed and onto the couch. And even this simple activity exhausts me. David's been so sweet and patient and he proves to be a very good nurse, despite the fact that he probably has mono too. My husband's a saint and my favorite person in the world.

Because he's my favorite person in the world, I wanted to share with him the new cafe that I tried out last week. David and I first read about Himmelblau in the newspaper and the review was so great that I made a mental note to stop by this 18th district cafe/shop after my tutoring session which happened to be in the same neighborhood. I'm so glad that I did! The minute I stepped into the tiny space, I was in love. The cafe is cozy, yet fresh and airy. The food is top-quality and affordable. The coffee and tea are both excellent: the tea, in particular, is of pharmacy quality and comes in gigantic glass mugs, which, let's face it, just makes the experience all the better. The service is fantastic and I feel like I'm part of the family when I'm there. The tiny shop to the side is stocked with all kinds of goodies like candles, soaps, journals, pillows, chocolates, and Himmelblau's special teas. It's all just divine, really. Being at Himmelblau is so relaxing, yet refreshing that it even makes folks with mono forget their problems. I'm so grateful that one of my little tutees lives around here and I have an excuse to come every week!

Now, back to sleep. Zzzz...


Jennifer said...

It looks divine... AND I know you're are right at home here. So happy you found it. (Amongst SO many others in your beautiful city).
AS for the teacups... there is "NEVER a teacup tooooo big" right? Our Nana is smiling down on you!
Love you and so glad you are gaining some energy. I know this has been hard on both of you.....Here is "Happy Health" to you both.
Love and hugs.... Mommma

Dorte said...

That looks so cozy! I hope you get well soon. And by the way, I'm totally in on the small victories you mention in the previous post.

Lydia Criss Mays said...

OH! I love the new pictures you added to your profile. It gets me excited about Spring!

Here's the deal: Like you, my computer has a virus. It's a nasty one. If you're feeling anything like this virus is making my computer feel it's been debilitating for you. The normal motions of life just can't be completed. Everything just shuts down, when you're just getting started. I'm glad you got out and about and shared those inspiring pictures with us. If I like the computer screen do you think it will make my computer's virus more sick? Could I catch it?

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