Monday, February 13, 2012

Shades of Blue

Blue Winter
Winter uses all the blues there are.
One shade of blue for water, one for ice,
Another blue for shadows over snow.
The clear or cloudy sky uses blue twice-
Both different blues. And hills row after row
Are colored blue according to how far.
You know the bluejay's double-blur device
Shows best when there are no green leaves to show.
And Sirius is a winterbluegreen star.
- Robert Francis

Vienna remains very cold and blanketed in blue-toned snow. I'm taking a cue from the wise animals and spending my time these days hibernating. Or, rather, holed-up in my favorite neighborhood cafe with my beloved Wiener Melange.

Tell me, my friends, how are you staying warm and managing your winter blues?


Lydia Criss Mays said...

Blue-tiful poem! I know a certain someone who's passing time entertaining a family of blue jays. I, on the other hand, am sending certain shades of blue from the skies of San Antonio and the water of the River Walk downtown.

Jennifer said...

I am getting all my snow fixes from your blog this year. I am glad you are able to stay nice and toasty in your favorite cafe. Drinking your favorite drink...besides Tea!
Enjoy this "red, white, and pink" day, amongst your bluish tints.
Love you my dear and Happy Valentine's Day to you and David. We love you!

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