Thursday, March 29, 2012

When I'm Alone

Being alone isn't so bad.  It's being lonely that's tough.  I've been alone this week since David's in London, but I've kept myself busy enough not to get too lonely.  "Busy" to me, looks like this:

Lesson planning

Fun activities for learning consonant digraphs

My children's book library.  It's small, but something.

And while I plan, oftentimes, I have a movie on in the background.

I certainly don't eat lunch out every day, but yesterday I spoiled myself at Cafe Wortner :-)

Ich übe mein Deutsch mit einem deutschen Buch.

While I was enjoying a Melange and my book, the city maintenance men came by and turned on the fountain.  I guess we're officially out of the freezing temps.  Spring is here!

Fortunately, my main squeeze comes home tonight and then we begin what promises to be an epic weekend.  I wish you all a fabulous couple of days too!


Lydia Criss Mays said...

You're real productive when you're alone. I love how you eat well too. Maybe the Bill Cosby Show can keep you company sometimes too? When I'm alone I feel like I need to be with my puppies.

Jennifer said...

That saying sounds very familiar....have said it atleast a zillion times. Hopefully you recall it as a good thing from the homefront.
I do agree with are very productive when soloing the day/week.
Glad your weekend was wonderful and excited for your visitors.
Love you my dear - entering into your next decade - daughter. Much love.... Momma

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