Friday, May 4, 2012

Life, according to my iPhone

There have been several moments this past week when I've felt the urge snap a picture but had no fancy camera to do so.  Alas, the iPhone to the rescue!

With the May Day holidays this week and, consequently, fewer tutoring sessions, I found myself doing a lot reading, rollerblading, relaxing, and refueling with my Vienna-style Cup of Joe.

Enjoying a new book after skating up and down the Prater-Hauptallee

While in the middle of a jog yesterday (let's be serious, it was more like a fast walk), the skies opened up and rained down on my umbrella-less self.  Luckily, I had a 10€ bill with me, along with my house key, and Handy, so I made a quick decision to sprint through Stadtpark and seek refuge in the Kurkonditorei Oberlaa.  I realized while sipping my warm Melange that I could have just bought a 2€ transit pass and ridden the U-Bahn home.  But what's the joy in that?  I think my euros were better spent in a cafe than in a subway, no?

Colorful lunch

OK -- So, technically, I did have my camera with me here.  But, I liked the scene where my three favorite K's were displayed in front of me: Kamera, Kaffee, and Kindle!


Anonymous said...

I love the headline in the second picture! "Drunk Brits kidnap penguin" That's some hard hitting news there.

Anyway, lovely pictures!

Merisi said...

Looks as if you are having fun! :-)

A wonderful Sunday to you,

Jennifer said...

You and your Melanges.....:) Two peas in a pod, or a sweet drink, for a sweet girl.
NOW, that colorful lunch looks so good, do believe I will have one like it. I actually found so good smelling and tasty ones this week.
Glad you are enjoying your K and K and K!
We love you

Merisi said...

try to visit St. Marx tomorrow, the lilac and chestnut blossoms will be gone all too soon (the hot weather brought them out too fast for my taste).

Lydia Criss Mays said...

Your first comment makes me giggle. I'm glad I know what that headline reads. I also love that your iphone captures you reading in a variety of mediums. Surrounded by books you can travel to many places. It's beautiful.

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