Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Potsdam, Deutschland

David recently had a meeting in Potsdam, Germany and I took advantage of the opportunity to join him on the last day and then take a mini-holiday in Berlin, only 24 km northeast of Potsdam.  I only spent a late evening and an early morning in Potsdam, but what little of it I saw, I adored.  And I didn't even see what makes this city one of Germany's most beautiful, with its twelve Prussian palaces and historic gardens.  These sites are certainly on my list to visit next time, including the Cecilienhof Palace, venue of the Postdam Conferene in 1945.  What I did see during my short visit was quite special though.  The historic downtown and the Dutch Quarter were both indescribably charming and oh-so peaceful.  The Germans here were notably friendly too.  I had a memorable conversation with an elderly man who was selling the hand-made pottery pictured above.  I bought two bright orange mugs from him and I am reminded daily, with each use, of his kind smile and generous compliments on my German(!).  Potsdam and its people warm my heart.

Stay tuned for more photos of Berlin!


Lydia Criss Mays said...

OH, it is beautiful through the lens of several pictures. You get the serene through the sweet picture of the dog. With his perked ears, he's the most active one in all the pictures. The history and charm oozes from the photos - even the one of architectural maze of bricks. More pictures please.

Jennifer said...

Great Pictures, Lindsay! Hope to experience some of the same sights when we visit you beautiful country and surrounding ones.
Love ,,,,,, and I am looking forward to your ones of Sweden.

Fluffy Photography said...

Love the photos on this blog, really very good! I very much enjoy your blog!

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