Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's fall today

It's the first day of fall and I'm just now beginning to feel that I've got a handle on the new road that has become my life lately.  Days have been a whirlwind for David and me since I last posted.  A wonderful whirlwind.  Full of visitors from home, trips of our own, and new experiences (read: the school year has begun!).

Celebrating Midsummer in Sweden

A quick trip to Munich with my sister and brother


Lydia Criss Mays said...

I'm so glad you're back!!! I've been missing your blog like crazy. That's a BIG mug of beer those two chaps are holding. The guy is really handsome! ;)

Jennifer said...

Glad to see your updated pictures. I miss seeing and being a part of your daily life in Wien. :) I know you have been one (actually) two busy beavers the last 6 months or so. Hope that things continual to allow you to have some time to enjoy your country and all its gifts.
Love you

Daniel said...

Die bilder sind echt cool,
danke für hochladen

Rebecca said...


My husband and I are from California but recently moved to Vienna - he is doing research, and I'm an elementary school teacher as well. :) I discovered your blog just before moving and found it so helpful (and fun to read)!

I'm currently teaching English at several schools around Vienna. I miss classroom teaching SO much, and am really hoping to get a position for the next academic year...I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions at some point about how you found your job this year, and how (and when) you went about applying...

I know what this time of year is like as a teacher and I know you must be super busy! But when convenient, is there a way I could send you a message, or somehow get you my email address? I hope the school year started off well!

Thanks :)

Lindsay said...

Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for your message. It's always great to learn about other teachers (and researchers!) in Vienna. Send me a message on Facebook and let's find a time to catch up! My name on FB is Lindsay Criss McCollum.
Talk to you soon,

Rebecca said...

Hi Lindsay,

That's great, thanks so much...I've just contacted you! I'm not sure, but the message I sent might have gone into an 'Other' folder rather than your Inbox. Sometimes that happens with someone new. :) R

Greetings from Texas! said...

Great pics!!! Love the naked kids getting snacks.

Sujin said...

You have beautiful stories and pictures! I liked your blog at first sight. I guess I will keep enjoying your blog from now on! :) Good night!

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