Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Act of Giving

Well, if there is anything that can cheer me up during this time, it's most definitely opening my mailbox today and finding my sister's first published children's book inside!

It's such a moving book, and Lydia -- along with her co-author, Barbara Meyers -- did a truly beautiful job writing about two little girls and their parallel stories with hair problems. As the jacket cover reads, "One wants her hair to be longer; the other has lost her hair because of cancer treatment and would just like it back." Throughout the story, each girl (and reader!) gains a greater appreciation for the acts of giving and receiving. It's inspiring, really. Thank you Lyd & Barbara for writing this book and making a difference in the world.
* To buy the book in the US, click here.
* My European friends can buy the book here.
* For my Austrialian friends,
this is your link.

And since we're on the topic of giving. . . I also wanted to share with you The St. Baldrick's Foundation. My Kentucky cousins have been involved with this event for many years. Each St. Patrick's Day (or the following weekend) these brave boys shave their heads to stand in solidarity with children who have cancer. They raise money through this event which is then donated to fund childhood cancer research. You can check out their team's page here.

An appropriate quote from The Long and Short of It: "The thing about growing out your hair is that some people do it just to give it to others," (p. 14). Way to go Cole & Liam! We're really proud of you!

The handsome Gallagher boys.

Additionally, I wanted to post a couple of links to sources where you can donate to the relief effort in northern Japan. Please, please consider making a contribution to help the survivors of our beloved Miyagi-ken.
Here are a couple of links to websites where the proceeds of your purchase go to Japan.
And for those animal lovers out there, watch this video and then donate to
  • Global Animal: All of the donations go to Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support
Another one of our pictures of a calm, peaceful, untroubled Matsushima Bay. May these days return to the Japanese people soon.


Jennifer said...

Great giving blog. Many links to special places.
We love you.

Erin said...

Just bought Lydia's book. :) It sounds great. Allie's been complaining about her hair and just got it cut short today. Also, thanks for sharing the links and your thoughts and memories of Sendai. We miss you guys!

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