Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Views of Klosterneuburg

Two weekends ago, David and I spent an afternoon in Vienna's beautiful northwestern suburb of Klosterneuburg. Founded in the early 12th Century, the town is most famous for its Augustiner monastery. The Abbey was erected here in 1108 by the Austrian margrave Saint Leopold III, the patron saint of Austria. According to legend, it was built here because the Virgin Mary appeared to him and led him to this place where he found the veil of his wife Agnes, who had lost it years earlier. The greater part of the complex, which you'll see below, was constructed by the Augustine canonry between 1730 and 1834.

View of Stift Klosterneuburg from the train station

Priory Church

Church's sanctuary

Prayer candles

Medieval iron gate door

Conventual building

A part of the larger complex

After strolling around Stift Klostereuburg and the quaint town, we walked a few miles along the Danube River to the Essl Museum of Contemporary Art. There was a wonderful exhibition for children called the Festival der Tiere ("Festival of Animals"). My favorite part came at the end when we got to contribute to the art :-)

My perfectionist!

Me in action

Our masterpieces! (It's a turtle and a giraffe)

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful area and such history. Can't wait for you to show us more. Just makes me wish to be there even sooner. :)
AND such gifted artists David and you are with your animals!
Love you, Momma

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