Thursday, April 14, 2011

1,224 Warmer Feet Because of You

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The words "thank you" just don't seem to express the emotion I have for you all. However, they'll have to do until I invent (or you can suggest) the appropriate word to use here . . .

Thank you Jason Kelly and your team of volunteers for organizing Socks for Japan and providing us with an avenue to meaningfully connect with and help the victims in Tohoku.

Thank you Lydia for having the heart that you do. Thanks living a life uncommon and for leading us by example. Thank you for rallying your colleagues and friends and facilitating the effort to collect socks and letters to send to Japan. I know your philanthropic spirit won't stop here, and for this reason (among so many others) I love you.

Thank you Department of Early Childhood Education at GSU for your monetary, sock and letter donations and for your enthusiasm to help! Lydia has shared with me how special you all are at the ECE department. Six hundred and twelve Japanese people will have warmer feet and, hopefully, warmer hearts, because of your specialness.

Thank you Andrew-san for getting involved yourself and encouraging Marcus & Millichap to join in on all of the giving. You're the best brother a girl could ever ask for. I'm so glad Lydia married you 5.5 years ago. You two together make an unstoppable pair.

And lastly, many, many thanks to the donor for covering the cost of shipping for the 612 pairs of socks to Japan. I'd list her name, but I'm not sure if she'd want me to broadcast her name on the web. But, those of us involved here know who she is and we also appreciate and love her dearly for her constant support of the Criss Girls. Mrs. * and her family are quite possibly the most generous folks I know in East Tennessee :-)

Here's what your big hearts and hard work resulted in:

Thank you.

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Lydia said...

Thank you LINDSAY. You got this ball rolling. You shared your inspiration. You are always inspiring. You sprinkled your wonderful ideas. You gave this legs.

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