Monday, April 18, 2011

Marionetten und Mehr

On Saturday we saw the Hänsel und Gretel opera performed at the Marionettentheater Schloss Schönbrunn. We discovered soon after the start that Engelbert Humperdinck's opera version of the story deviates quite a bit from the Grimm brothers' fairy tale version. Regardless, watching the marionettes dance around the stage and practicing our German in opera form was a seriously fun way to spend our afternoon.

Marionettentheater Schloss Schönbrunn

A teeny stage for the teeny marionette puppets

The wicked Witch enticing Hänsel and Gretel to eat her gingerbread house

After the show, the audience was allowed "backstage" to see the puppets

Waiting for der Zug at the Schönbrunn U-Bahn station

Es war ein guter Tag!

And for dinner, we cracked open a cookbook and attempted to make ourselves another meal. We highly recommend the French Onion Soup recipe from The Joy of Cooking.

On Sunday we channeled our Davis past and went on a massive bike ride around the city.

Biking around the Ringstraße

A Segway tour slowly wheeled past us

Passing a Strandbar along the Danube canal

And because it's how we roll, we ended the afternoon at our neighborhood bar cafe


Mami said...

I'm glad to know about your life.
You and david always get along well and are envied.
And,your picture is really great.

Lindsay + David said...

Arigatō Mami! Anata wa totemo sutekidesu!

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