Friday, May 6, 2011

Congratulations Dr. & Mrs. Lobster!

My oldest and dearest friend in the entire world married her lobster on Saturday. I write "lobster" because lobsters fall in love and mate for life (or so I like to believe). I smile when imagining old lobster couples crawling around on the ocean floor holding claws with each other. A and P are always holding hands, or gently touching each other to let the other one know that they are there. It's sweet and they're an adorable pair. These two lobsters are going to last!

Thank you A & P for allowing me to share in this special day with you! Your ceremony was one that I'll never forget for the rest of my life. I'll never forget how relaxed and safe A seemed standing next to P, holding his hand (like lobsters!). I'll never forget how awestruck P was when he looked at A and, as a result, reversed their names during the vows. And I'll never forget the feeling that I had standing next to the two of them and knowing how right this marriage is.

We love you Dr. and Mrs. Lobster and David and I look forward to sharing many of more special memories together in the future!

P.S. P -- hug A for me.

Friends for 18 years! Wowzers, A! 18 years!?

Were we french braiding yet? I'm pretty sure you did my hair.
This is how old Jay will always be.
Remember those water bottles be lugged around everywhere?
Oh, the happy days we share!
You were and are so beautiful.


Jennifer said...

I am so glad that you were able to travel back to the states for the wedding and to be by New Dr. and Mrs. Rojas's side. (plus, we got to be with you - what a wonderful side benefit. Love you....MOmmma

Josh, Vanny, and Ella said...

Wow! You both looked beautiful! I didn't figure out who A was until I looked closely at the other pictures. I'm glad you guys have been able to stay friends these many years.:)

Barbara said...

18 the time has flown. How blessed we all are that our families have such a special friendship! You were beautiful and we were so blessed to have you here to be with Anna and Philip! Thanks for coming. I hope we can come across the big pond one day to see you! Love you both!!!

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