Sunday, May 8, 2011

No More Piles of Clothes

We're officially settling in! Our closets and our couch finally arrived on Friday. It took 3 months, but everything arrived safely and was assembled in less than 3 hours. Now we can pick our clothes up from the floor and put them away, properly, in their place.

Closet #1: Guestroom closet. That's for you folks!
Closet #2: Our closet
The couch! We thought we ordered a tan colored sofa, but it arrived silver. We actually like it better so I guess, "all's well that end's well."

Now, we just need a mattress and a bed. They've been ordered -- back in February! -- but they're not scheduled to arrive until mid-June. Oh, Austria. You and your delivery time-frames are special.


Lydia said...

It looks like a HOME. I can't wait to take up closet space. Congratulations!

Jennifer said...

Oh Lindsay.... everything so nice. I can't imagine how exciting it is (and hard work) to put it together and see such great results... can't wait to hang my clothes in my closet...:)

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