Thursday, May 26, 2011

See Beautiful

Lindsay's beautiful sister and her husband have a beautiful idea to start a beautiful movement that recognizes beauty in the world. They've created a space for readers to share, encourage and focus on what is beautiful. See Beautiful is in its infant stages, but we're already inspired by it and we know you will be too.
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Something that Lindsay finds particularly beautiful today is Postcards. One of our Canadian friends is decorating her newborn baby's room with postcards from loved ones living around the world. It's a terrific idea to surround a child with images of people and places from foreign lands. Even better is the idea to surround a child with loving notes from friends on the back of such images. Surely the collection of postcards Lil' Lily receives will be special to her when she gets older. It's a wonder how the images and messages will influence her as she grows and learns about the world herself.

After choosing a card of Vienna to send to Lily, the daily routine of passing hundreds of postcards on the streets of Vienna is different now somehow. While no longer annoying obstacles to dodge, they have become thinking posts. Each card is now something to consider. One wonders, who will buy the card? What will be written on it? Who will receive it? And what influence will it have? Sure, there is the chance that it might not have much of an influence at all. But, considering the power that a postcard does have is quite beautiful isn't it?

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