Monday, May 30, 2011

Stadtwanderweg 1

We went a-wandering this weekend in the Wienerwald (Vienna's forest). We attempted the 11km Stadtwanderweg 1 trail, but we unintentionally veered off a bit at the end and frolicked through Kahlenbergerdorf to add additional 4-5km to the total distance. It was a beautiful day full of fresh air, exercise, German language practice, and European history. Good times.

Stadtwanderweg 1 Trail
Hiking boots are on and it's time to go!
The trail started in the backyard of a very pleasant Nußdorf neighborhoodThe Wieners live well here
Beethoven's first resting place. He was moved on June 15, 1863.
Passing by some private vineyards
We were supposed to follow the White-Yellow-White trail
David checking on what's around the bend...
Die Mittagspause
Wandering by more sweet Austrian homes
St. Josephskirche in Kahlenberg. This is the spot where the Poles, Germans, and Austrians drove back the Turks in the second siege in September 1683. Mass was conducted on Kahlenberg before the troops rode down into Vienna’s Vorstädte.View from Kahlenberg looking south to beautiful Vienna Behind Vienna are the Lesser Carpathian hills leading into SlovakiaA Hütte (hut) along the trail for wanderers to refuel with beer
Standwanderweg 1 und 1a signage.
A sign recommending hikers to experience nature and walk the trail barefoot.
Descending the hills into Kahlenbergerdorf
We stopped to soak our feet in the Danube River. While there, we made a friend.
Rewarding ourselves in Nußdorf with some Frankfurter Würstchen (hotdog) and Käsewürst (cheese sausage)

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Jennifer said...

What a delightful day. Exercise, wonderful scenery, an adorable new friend, and each other. Love you both. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us.

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