Sunday, July 3, 2011

Doctor of Philosophy

While we haven't seen it in person, David's PhD diploma has arrived!  It was mailed to my parents' house and my mom sent us this picture.

I can't speak for David, the man who actually earned the degree, (maybe he'll share his thoughts on here later) but this moment is seriously special!  I liken the PhD experience to tackling the Mt. Everest Expedition (which I've never done, but this is a metaphor so roll with me people).  Completing the PhD is a long and hard trek with obstacles that at times seem overwhelming and impassable. But when you reach each camp, you can take a rest, refuel, and reflect on the small but significant climb you've just conquered.  Perhaps here you may even rethink the route ahead of you and you might decide to explore another path to the top.  But, if the goal is important enough to you, then the forks in the road and obstacles you will inevitably encounter will not prevent you from completing your journey.  And completed the journey, he did!   

I'm so honored that I could a part - albeit small - of David's 6-year expedition at UC Davis.  It was meaningful for me to supply the water, food, oxygen, and encouragement along the way.  My heart swells with pride over his tremendous accomplishment.  Congratulations Doctor!

By the way, if you're interested, David's dissertation is titled, Achieving Long-term Energy, Transport and Climate Objectives: Multi-dimensional Scenario Analysis and Modeling within a Systems Level Framework.  Trying to achieve all of this sounds a bit like trying to hike Mt. Everest doesn't it?

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Having written about the journey though, it is important to note that the PhD is the beginning, not the culmination, of a career. So here's to your career, David!  One that I hope you will find challenging, satisfying, and rewarding.  You're going to do great things with that brilliant mind of yours!


Lydia said...

So I know they ring a bell at UCDavis when you submit your dissertation and you weren't there to hear it. If you had been there and we had anything to do with it, this would have been the scene: We're so proud of you, David!

Andrew said...

From one Dr. to another - keep their heads ringing.

Jennifer said...

AS ALWAYS... couldn't be prouder of you DR. McCollum. Another notch in the cap for things desired, achieved, and a step to the next adventure. You have worked and slaved (you have to Linds) and are soooo deserving of the title of Doctor of Philosophy!

Fatemeh said...

Loved the description Lindsay!!

Lindsay said...

Thanks so much for the love and support guys! Your comments really do mean a lot to us.

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