Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fancy Lemonade

Is there one thing that best represents summer?  Could it be the smell of chlorine?  Slipping into flip-flops? Sandy beach towels?  Mindless reading?  Tandem bicycles?  Climbing into a car where the inside temperature has reached 120'F?

For me, it's fruit.  When I taste blueberries I'm reminded of my childhood summers in Stone Harbor, NJ.  When I bite into juicy peaches, I revisit my summer days on our back porch in Knoxville, TN (especially, when I eat my sister's Peach Pie!).  When I taste Rhubarb, I'm taken back to the summer I arrived in Sweden to study for a semester in Stockholm.  When I even see an Avocado, I'm transported back to grad school and the famous Farmers' Market in Davis, CA.  But. . . when I taste lemons, I don't know where I go.  I go somewhere special, though.  Somewhere I want to be all the time.  A place where lemons grow on trees and it's summer everyday of the year.  Oh, wait, there are such places!  California included!  You lucky devils you.  If I had a lemon tree, I'd be making homemade lemonade as often as lemons came available to me.

Alas, summer is but only a season in Vienna.  It's a nice season, though.  Not too hot, not too humid.  Just about manageable without A/C.  But definitely manageable if one has a cold glass of lemonade in their hand.  And that's just what I've got.  Except, my lemonade's a bit fancy for today.  

And what represents summer to you?  David says that to him, it's the smell of freshly cut grass.



Ann said...

Mmmm that lemonade looks SOOOOO good!!! I think I'll follow suit and make some of my own :P

Summer to me is the smell of BBQ and flip flop tans!

Lindsay said...

Flip flop tans! Definitely!

Jennifer said...

Summer is the smell of suntan lotion, Daddy grilling out back, corn on the cob. (except we had to take yours off with braces), dogs smelling of BO, Jersey tomatoes, Nana's blueberry buckle,sweaty soccer clothes piled in your room, Grammy's pumpkin soup, chlorine on your bathing suits from Crestwood and Racket Club,and lightning bugs - lighting up the front yard.

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