Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good Things as of Late

It's been a great last couple of days around here.

David got cycling gear for his birthday!  Thanks again mom, dad, Lydia, and Andrew!  He went on an epic mountain biking tour this past weekend and came back looking like this (he left before I woke up so I didn't get to see how the ensemble came together until he got home).

Our first visit to the Krapfenwaldbad was fantastic!  The place was crowded, but there were at least 5 large pools spread throughout the grounds that comfortably accommodated everyone.  The best part of the Krapfenwaldbad is the view of Vienna that one gets while splashing around in the pool.  It's totally worth the 20 minute bus ride from Heilingenstadt up the hill.

We discovered Foxy Frozen Yoghurt in Vienna!  The best news here is that it's just down the street from our apartment in the 4th district!  While there is a plethora of ice cream salons around town, there are only 2 frozen yoghurt shops that I know of in the city (Foxy included).  While we were ordering, we started chatting with the owner and he told us that he got the idea to open up such a shop during a recent trip to / stint in Santa Barbara.  Ah, California, we feel close to you no matter how far away we may go.
 [photo by Christian Wind]

And lastly, my B1.2 Deutschkurs started this week!  After 2 months of being separated from my friends, we're back together again!  Well, Maria's in the B1.1 course, but her classroom is right next to mine and Angel's and we get to chat with her during the break and then after class.  I'm so glad that they're back from their summer holidays in their respective homelands. 

As you can imagine, it's be a great last couple of days around here.  I hope life's been treating you darling readers well too.  Pass auf dich auf!


Lydia @ See Beautiful said...

There's so much fun to be had...always. David, bike like the wind. It looks like you can. The pool looks scrumptious and the yogurt shop looks delectable. Eat some for your US folks.

Jennifer said...

Well...quick the biker man!!!! Glad all worked out an arrived safely.
Now, we need to get you decked out and the two of you will take the country side by leaps and bounds.

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