Sunday, June 19, 2011

Exploring the Eighth

Some tunes to enhance your reading experience: Billy Joel - Vienna

These past two days have been a weekend for vegging out. You know, as Vivian says in Pretty Woman, "be like vegetables, lay like broccoli."

After pulling our broccoli selves out of our transformative bed, we relocated our lazy behinds to the 8th District, Josefstadt. We haven't really explored much of Vienna outside of a few neighboring districts and outlying green space, but yesterday felt like just the day to shove errands aside and do some random wandering and cafe scouting. We chose the 8th District because Merisi's blog highlights the neighborhood often and paints it as a dreamy place. After spending the afternoon there, we concur. Josefstadt is a chimerical community with it's charming cafes, bars, galleries, and independent shops. I predict we'll return there often. Won't you join us?

Heading to the U-Bahn

Who needs to take water with them on the bike when carrying a bit of earth around is much more fun?

A scene from the Kettenbrükengasse U-Bahn station up to the Saturday Flohmarkt

Lange Gasse, Josefstadt

Maria-Treu-Gasse, Josefstadt

Piaristenkirche or Maria-Treu-Kirche (church)

Maria Treu Kaffeehaus

Two weddings took place in the church during our vegging at the cafe. These men were a ceremonial part of the first wedding, but we're not sure what their function was other than surrounding the newlyweds in pictures. Here, they're taking a break.
French guests waiting outside before the 2nd wedding
Then the clouds started to roll in
These beauties had the right idea: Make a fort out of umbrellas!
With no umbrellas, we opted to head across the street and take shelter at Il Sestante (best Italian pizza in Vienna!)


Noam said...

What a nice blog you have here ! :)
Who knew?? Some of the best kept secrets are found on Facebook...

Il Sestante is unbedingt the best pizza in Wien (on par with ones I had in Napoli!). And the location is so great! We've been going there for years, even marking our 3rd anniversary there on the weekend... You should try Mare e Monti (shrimps, steinpilze & knoblauch).

Anonymous said...

The men in uniforms are member of an Catholic students fraternity - obviously the groom is also a member...

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